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1. Mass-Media Coverage of the Project

Take a look at some of the most recent articles and news-items about the Project:

  • The Program for the education of children of Muslim minority is continuing with great participation of children at the Minority school of Sapes, Eleftheri Apopsi Rodopis, 15/3/2018
  • Program for the muslim minority of Thrace: Twenty years offer, Athens News Agency-Macedonian News Agency, 12/3/2018
  • "The training starts from the teachers of minority schools", O Xronos (local newspaper of Thrace), 20/1/2018
  • Dragonas "The Educational material of the Program got into the school the cross-thematic approach before the state", Paratiritis of Thrace (Local Newspaper of Komotini), (Nov. 7, 2017)
  • "Komotini: Addition, not substraction; Multiplication, not division",, (May, 8, 2017)
  • «Program for the Education of the Muslim Minority of Thrace" victim of bureaucracy,, (May, 20, 2017)
  • "Our hidden dreams" at Creative Youth Workshops,, (Apr.10, 2017)
  • Minority school of Sapes- Program for the Education of the Muslim Minority of Thrace, Eleutheri Apopsi Sapon (Local Newspaper of Sapes, Komotini), (Mar. 9, 2017)
  • Program for the Education of the Muslim Minority of Thrace: students became teachers, Chronos (Local Newspaper of Komotini), (Sept. 23, 2016)
  • Inclusive Education, To Vima (National Greek Newspaper), (Sept. 11, 2016)
  •  Transit state where the Pomaks live, Kathimerini (National Greek Newspaper), (Jun. 18, 2016)
  • From the children of the muslim minority of Thrace to the uprooted children, (National Greek Newspaper), (May, 24, 2016)
  • An educational Program that all schools would envy, (National Greek Newspaper), (May, 19, 2016)
  • The special scientific advisor of the Program Thalia Dragonas and the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) party deputy Moustafa Moustafa are talking about the effectiveness of the 19 years intervention of the Program in Thrace, on the radio broadcast "By position and signature" [Με θέση και υπογραφή], Sto Kokkino, (May, 18, 2016)
  • Thalia's Dragonas Interview on the radio broadcast "Dames Spathi" to the Radio Station 9.84 (May, 17, 2016) on the occasion of the all day meeting "A different education for the children of minority in Thrace"
  • When a young Roma girl reads Kavafi and young Halil is not feeling ashamed to speak Greek, Athens News Agency-Macedonian News Agency, (May, 17,2016)
  • Alki Zei (Greek writer) became a lesson for the Muslim minority children, Τa Νea (National Greek Newspaper), (May, 13, 2016)
  • In Athens the students of the KESPEMs of Thrace, Αzinlikca, (May 9, 2016)
  • In Athens the adult students of the KESPEMs of Thrace, Paratiritis (local newspaper of Thrace), (May, 6, 2016)
  • Interview of the associate of the Program Maria Zografaki on the radio show "Dames Spathi" at the radio station 9.84, as a result of the visit of the adult students of the KESPEMs to Athens.
  • Spreading wings and opening doors to the educational community, Paratiritis (local newspaper of Thrace), (Apr. 25, 2016)
  • Living one day as a student of the University... for 31 school students of the Creative Youth Workshops, Embros (local newspaper of Xanthi), (Mar. 2, 2016)
  • PEM: School students from Xanthi are traveling to Thessaloniki with the intention of familiarizing themselves with student life, xanthipress, (Feb. 29, 2016)
  • Komotini: By traveling we break new ground, ERT, (Feb. 29, 2016)
  • Thalia Dragonas for the Program for the Education of Children of the Muslim minority,, (Jan. 26, 2016)
  • Komotini: Shortly we will grow up,, (Jan. 25, 2016)
  • The book "Shοrtly we will grow up" was presented in Komotini, (local newspaper of Thrace), (Jan. 23, 2016)
  • The book "Shortly we will grow up. Testimonies for teaching literature" was presented to the public with success, Paratiritis (local newspaper of Thrace), (Jan. 22, 2016)
  • Testimonies of teachers for teaching literature in Program for the Education of Children of the Muslim minority of Thrace, Embros (local newspaper of Thrace), (Jan. 22, 2016)
  • "Shortly we will grow up. The book of Program for the Education of Children of the Muslim minority was presented to the public, Canal 6 (Jan. 22, 2016)
  • "Shortly we will grow up", Paratiritis (local newspaper of Thrace) (Jan. 21, 2016)
  • Komotini: Shortly we will grow up, (Jan. 19, 2016)
  • "Shortly we will grow up": Testimonies of the educators of the Program for the Education of the Muslim Minority of Thrace, (Jan. 15, 2016)
  • "Shortly we will grow up", the book that the Program for the Education of the Muslim minority of Thrace published, is presented on Thursday, January 21st, at the "Dimokriteio" bookstore, Paratiritis (local newspaper of Thrace) (Jan. 14th, 2016)
  • «The curtain fell» for the 4th period of the Program for the Education of the Muslim minority of Thrace, (June 7, 2015)
  • The three-days celebration that were organized by the KESPEMs of Xanthi and Komotini were completed, indexanthi (June 7, 2015)
  • The unknown future of the Program for the Education of the Muslim Minority of Thrace, Elefthero Vima (local newspaper of Rhodopi), (June 6, 2015)
  • The Ministry of Education has positive attitude in continuing the Program for the Education of the Muslim Minority of Thrace, Chronos (local newspaper of Rhodopi), (June 6, 2015)
  • Children, parents and teachers in the square for the celebration of the Creative Youth Workshops (DEN) of the children of the Mulsim minority, (June 6, 2015)
  • Μüslüman Çocuklarin eğitimi progami' ndan gümülcine'de panel (tr: The Panel at one-day conference of the Program for the Education of the Muslim Minority Children in Thrace in Komotini), (June 6, 2015)
  • The results of the Program for the Education of the Muslim Minority Children in Thrace, Thalia Dragonas: «Whoever doesn't know well the language of the country that he lives is a "second-class" citizen, without a voice», Chronos (local newspaper of Rhodopi) (June 4, 2015)
  • Summer celebration with...little rain, but continuous joy at the KESPEM of Drosero, in Embros (May 30, 2015)
  • Interview of Thalia Dragonas and Alexandra Androusou to the radio broadcast "Instructions for a better world", (May 29, 2015)
  • Athens is calling Thrace, (Apr.23, 2015)
  • Interview of Mrs Apostolidou for the visit of a group of young people that take part in the Creative Youth Workshops at the University of Thessaloniki, Public Radio of Thessaloniki FM 100 (Apr. 21, 2015)
  • Building bridges of coexistence: Thrace calls Athens!,, (Apr. 8, 2015)
  • "Bridges" of love between Athens and Thrace,, (Apr. 7, 2015)
  • One more interesting program of the KESPEMs was completed, (Apr. 7, 2015)
  • "How long Ismail will last?" in Avgi, (Apr. 5, 2015)
  • Celebrating the 25th of March in a minority school,, (March 27, 2015)
  • Thalia Dragonas: Ι would like to see an experimentation at the minority schools, Chronos (local newspaper of Rodopi), (March 12, 2015)
  • The celebration at the "new roof" of the KESPEM of Drosero,, (Dec. 23, 2014)
  • They said "goodbye" to the winter school season, Embros (local newspaper of Xanthi) (Dec. 23, 2014)
  • A celebration at the KESPEM of Drosero for the end of the school year, (Dec. 18, 2014)
  • The Program for the Education of the Muslim minority children is presenting the pilot run of the educational material, (Dec. 4, 2014)
  • The new educational material of the Program for the Education of the Muslim minority children was presented in Thrace, (Nov. 24, 2014)
  • The new educational material of the Program for the Muslim minority of Thrace was presented in Xanthi, (Nov. 21, 2014)
  • Thrace: something new in education from 27 volunteers, Chronos (local newspaper of Rodopi) (Nov. 19, 2014)
  • At Komotini the pilot run of the educational material of the Program, Elefthero Vima (local newspaper of Rodopi) (Nov. 19, 2014)
  • Thalia Dragonas on a comprehensive presentation of the KESPEMs, (Nov. 19, 2014)
  • Presentation of the KESPEMs at Xanthi and Komotini,, (Nov. 18, 2014)
  • Looking at High Schools in Thrace, (Nov. 17, 2014)
  • (APA-MPA) Athens Press Agency-Macedonian Press Agency, "Our puzzle", (Sept. 4, 2014)
  • Α review of the 15 years implementation of the Program in Kathimerini (Greek National Newspaper), (Aug. 15, 2014)
  • Children and parents celebrated the end of the school year at the KESPEMs, (Jun. 30, 2014)
  • Mothers and grandmothers become students and sit at the desks,, June 26, 2014
  • Children in Action,, June 24, 2014
  • Lesson One: Cooperation, Coexistence, Cocreation,, June 23, 2014
  • The journey is here,, June 20, 2014
  • Let's KESPEM...,, June 19, 2014
  • One more year has been completed at the Project for the Education of Muslim Children. Question marks about the next year,, June 18, 2014
  • The classes at the KESPEM concluded in a festive atmosphere, Channel 6 (local TV channel), June 18, 2014
  • Summer camps in Avdira and Nestos, after the school year is over, Hronos (local newspaper in Komotini), June 17, 2014
  • Thalia Dragonas Talks about the Puzzle of Knowledge,, June 14, 2014
  • The activities of the KESPEMs continue throughout the summer: "Open Days" and "Creative Youth Workshops 2014", Paratiritis tis Thrakis (local newspaper in Komotini), June 12, 2014
  • "Drosero bids farewell to the winter", an article by G. Taraxopoulou in Embros (a local newspaper of Xanthi) (June 3, 2014)
  • A Celebration at the KESPEM of Drosero, Channel 6 (May 30, 2014)
  • Sixteen years of service in the education of Muslim children, Embros, June 23, 2014
  • In total, 3.246 children and youngsters take part in the classes and activities of the KESPEMs,, March 23, 2014
  • "Xanthi: We become mirrors for one another". (March 23, 2014)
  • "Thrace: Let's ΚΕΣΠΕΜ" (March 21, 2014)
  • Presentation of the results of the Project Athens-Macedonian News Agency, by S. Papadopoulou (December 5, 2013)
  • "Very important things have been achieved in the conference, and -- more important of all -- a real dialogue". Interview with the scientific director of the Project, A. Frangoudaki. Paratiritis tis Thrakis, 26/11/2013
  • Komotini: Questions and Dilemmas for the Minority at a Conference 90 Years after the Lausanne Treaty, Kathimerini (Greek national newspaper), November 25, 2013
  • Ninety years since the Lausanne Treaty: Stereotypes in Thrace perpetuate themselves. Hronos, November 23, 2013
  • Minority School or Public School? Searching for the "golden ratio" (the right balance) for a contemporary minority education. Paratiritis tis Thrakis, November 23, 2013
  • An interview with Thaleia Dragonas in Hronos (a local newspaper in Thrace) regarding the conference entitled "90 Years since The Lausanne Treaty" - 11.16. 2013
  • Education in Drosero: Challenges that are being Overcome" [by Eleni Diafonidou], Empros (Forward), 11/12/2013
  • Thalia Dragonas discusses with Sami Karabıyıkoğlu on the results of the Project, on Athina 9.84 FM
  • The Project of teaching Greek to the children of the Muslim Minority in Thrace was presented at the Turkish University of Bosporus (Boğaziçi). Athens News Agency.
  • Anxiety over the possibility that the KESPEMs might not continue
  • The festivities of the KESPEMs of Xanthi to mark the end of the school year
  • Interview with Th. Dragonas and A. Frangoudaki at (5/26/2013)
  • Presentation of the Documentary about the Project on ΕΡΤ world (5/23/2013)
  • A Substantial Struggle Against Racism”, an article by Dionysis Gousetis, published in KATHIMERINI. (5/15/2013)
  • Interview given by A. Frangoudaki and Th. Dragonas to the Athens News Agency – Macedonian News Agency]
  • Against the current, for the sake of children], an article published in the "Νησίδες" (Islets) section of Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών (The Editors’ Newspaper), April 20-21, 2013. See the front page of the section and the article.
  • The camera of the news program «ΣτηνΠράξη» (In Practice) of the television channel SKAI visited the KESPEM of Xanthi, and journalist Sylvia Klimaki talked with pupils and with Seval Osmanoğlu, a youth worker (motivator), about the fears, the expectations and the dreams of the children and their parents in the Muslim Minority. 4/7/2013
  • Minority children are bidding on knowledge Eleftherotypia 4/1/2013.
  • An “A plus” – the highest grade – for Muslim Children’s Education ΤΑ ΝΕΑ (April 1, 2013).
  • Fifteen Years of Offering Service in the Education of Muslim Children Εμπρός Ξάνθης (Embros [Forward] of Xanthi) April 3, 2013.
  • Yannis Papadimitriou in Kathimerini (Feb. 24, 2013): «Greek Lessons at the Borders».
  • Anna Frangoudaki  in Ta Nea (Feb. 24,2013) «Violence today is of extreme-right wing nature, wherever it originates from».
  • Thaleia Dragonas in the “meal with Kathimerini” (Feb. 17, 2013) "Let’s Keep Cooperative Practices with the Minority".
  • Anna Damianidi, on "Innovation comes from Thrace".
  • "Muslim Minority of Thrace: Addition, and not Subtraction]".
  • Thalia Dragonas and Anna Frangoudaki talk to LIFO and to Stavros Dioskouridis: "All those allegations of de-hellenization and turkification are nonsense and lies".
  • “The Example of Thrace at OSCE]".
  • A letter to Mr. Hardavellas in reply to his article on


2. Presenting the Project at Seminars and Conferences

  • Presentation of the Project at the Dept. of Methodology, History & Philosophy of Science at the University of Athens

On January 29, 2014, upon the invitation of Dr. Aristides Hatzis, professor at the Department of Methodology, History and Philosophy of Science of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and within the framework of the seminars he organizes, the Project's scientific coordinator, Dr. Anna Frangoudaki, and the Project's special scientific consultant, Dr. Thalia Dragonas, gave a detailed presentation of the Project to said department's students and faculty members. Their talk, entitled "The Muslim Minority in Thrace: Education and Citizenship", was preceded by the showing of a documentary about the Project, and was followed by a discussion with students (some of whom were Minority members) and other attendees.

mithe gen


  • Presentation of the Project at the University of Sussex

On April, 30, 2014, Dr. Anna Frangoudaki, the scientific director of the Project, and Dr. Thalia Dragonas, the Project's special scientific advisor, took part in a one-day conference, organized by the University of Sussex, entitled «Childhood, Youth and European Citizenship». In the conference they made a presentation entitled «Challenges in educating a culturally diverse student population: The case of the Muslim minority of Thrace» where they briefed the audience on the results/outcomes of the implementation of the Project in Thrace, and the prospects it has opened up for the pupils of the region's Muslim Minority.

Click Here to See the Poster of the Conference

DSC00486 Sussex


  • Presentation of the Project at INALCO - Paris

On April 9, Dr. Anna Frangoudaki, our scientific director, and Dr. Thralia Dragonas, our special scientific advisor, gave a presentation on our Project at the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO) [National Institute of Eastern languages and Civilizations], in Paris. The presentation, which took place within the framework of a interdisciplinary program entitled "Plural societies," was entitled "Between Two Languages, Greece-Turkey".

Click here to see the Poster of the Presentation

DSC00471 Paris







Η πράξη συγχρηματοδοτείται από το Ευρωπαϊκό Κοινωνικό Ταμείο (ΕΚΤ) και από Εθνικούς πόρους


Υπουργείο Παιδείας, Έρευνας και Θρησκευμάτων
Η πράξη «Ένταξη και εκπαίδευση των μουσουλμανοπαίδων» εγκρίθηκε από την Ειδική Υπηρεσία Διαχείρισης Ε.Π. «Ανάπτυξη ανθρώπινου δυναμικού, εκπαίδευσης και διά βίου μάθησης» στις 16/9/2016 και θα ολοκληρωθεί στις 30/9/2019
Επιστημονική υπεύθυνη της πράξης είναι η Kαθηγήτρια του ΕΚΠΑ Θάλεια Δραγώνα

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